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  • Intuitive and easy to use Admin Area

    You will manage your website here
    Drag and Drop!

    Drag and move your subpages to reorder them, drag page under another page to create a sub-menu!

    Widgets and Addons!

    Blog? Gallery? Easily added to any subpage with few clicks!

    Add More Subpages!

    Need more subpages in your website menu? You couldn't have done it easier! Click, type subpage name and new subpage will be instantly added, and waiting for the best contents you can add, like text, photos and more!

    Save Changes for Instant Effect!

    Typing new content went easy? Want to see your new subpage with photos or videos? Click save button to see your work. Done Easy!

    Customize Your Template!

    The way your website look is up to you! Change static parts of your website (a template) easily, replace header images or choose perfect color scheme from over 60 color schemes available!

    Find Help!

    Building your page is easy, but what if you have stuck with something? Built-in help center is here to help you with additional information, demos and tips!

    Add More Features!

    WOW, your website looks great, but you still want more, don't you?! Unlock hidden features and professional modules like Forms Builder, Newsletter, Calendar or Shopping Cart which you can use as Products Catalogue. Or buy professional Royalt-Free photos directly in your admin area, to make your website look more pretty and professional!

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your new website will look great on desktop, but also on iPhone, iPod and iPad!
    Desktop Friendly

    Build your website on your own computer, no additional software is required. Use modern browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox for the best experience!

    Mobile Friendly

    Website you build on your PC (or Mac) will also look well on mobile devices, like iPod, iPhone or iPad!

Easy, Online Installation - access from cPanel, no software to download!

Automated, Online Installation,
Intuitive and Easy to use

Access it from your cPanel and have ready to use website generated in a minute! 
Customizable Theme, Change Template's Images and Color Schemes

Customizable Designs,
Mobile Device Friendly

Point and Click to to change images on your website template and easily fit it to your needs with over 60 color schemes, so your website will work great on Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Devices!
Extra Features - Templates, Themes, Royalty-Free Photos and Modules!

Add More Power to Your Website
with Extra Modules

You're going to become a Power User fast, it's that easy! Power Features are waiting for you! Facebook Fanpage, Shopping Cart, Forms Builder and More!

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