You'll Love Kopage! Why?

This is good question, because there are hundreds of CMS systems waiting for your attention, free, paid, open-source; choice is huge! But try...

...and You will just love it! :)

Why will you love it?

  • It's easy
  • It's powerful
  • It just works!

You're the Admin.

One look and you know everything. No need to read manuals, rely on your pricey webmaster - you have your website's background on silver plate!

Clean navigation on left side lets you choose subpage you want to edit or add a new subpage. Page content appears on right side, with easy, email-like interface! 

Type. Press Save Button. Preview!

Easy to Use.

Kopage is the website builder (CMS) which you can recommend to web-developers, but also to your Mom or Dad, who may not be a computer genius.

It's easy and powerful.

You may ask yourself, why should you choose Kopage more than well-known free, open-source scripts like WordPress or Joomla, and you're right! But can you imagine your mom, dad or grandfather managing a Joomla website? Kopage is different, because in its own, magical way - much easier to use.

Kopage comes with built-in help center, which you can access directly in your Admin Area, where you can find answers for your questions, assistance or tips and tricks! 

Available Modules

By default, your new website will include basic, most common used modules like: Voting Poll, Blog, Gallery and Contact Form, which should fit most of your needs when you begin website building adventure!

Built-in Market, allows you to extend your website with more modules: Shopping Cart (which may also be used as Products Catalogue or just Catalgoue: for real estate industry, travel and any other user who need to show his contents in similar way); Forms Builder, Location Map, Events Calendar, Add to Google ("Google Webmasters"), Newsletter, Facebook Fanpage, Password Protected subpages and more!

Royalty Free Photos

There's a Photos Catalogue integrated with your admin area, where you can easily buy licensed, professional photos for your website, point and click; images are automatically added to your files manager - and website looks pro!

Additional Templates

Change your theme inside your admin area - just pick a template you like, and it will be installed on your website automatically! 


Drag & Drop.

Drag & Drop for better user experience; subpages in left-side navigation menu tree are draggable; photos in gallery, form builder's elements, answers in voting poll and more!

Even uploading files from your computer to your website has never been easier, drag files from desktop and drop them* anywhere in admin area to start uploading: one file or whole images gallery at a time!
* drag & drop uploading will work on modern browsers only: Firefox, Chrome and Safari

You don't need Manual before starting, Kopage has the most intuitive CMS admin area ever! No need to dig: all subpages are visible on admin's left side, point & click to edit, save changes and you're ready! You can see your website structure all the time; it just works!


SEO Friendly Links

This website was built with Kopage, just have a look how links (subpage URL address) in main menu look: you can define any phrase to be a link to any subpage and Search Engines will just Love your links!

"Responsive" web design: Mobile Devices Friendly

You don't need to build a separate website for your mobile visitors, Kopage use "responsive" templates and your website will look good on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile! (try to resize your browser to see it live)


Ready for Revolution?

Build your website now or find out more about Kopage before you get started.